Sunday, July 6, 2008

Marlena Dietrich!

We've expanded the family by one new member - Marlena Dietrich, an adorable dachshund! We found her on the Animal Rescue in Korea site; her previous owner had kept her on a one-meter long rope with no food or water and was planning to take her to the meat mill.

Thank God for Ryan and other animal lovers who found and rescued her!!

She's between two and four years old and such a sweet little girl. We took the subway up to Seoul today to meet her and it was instant love. Such a trooper; she rode the subway for an hour and half to get home and didn't complain once. When we arrived at Songtan Station, we took her outside and let her out of her crate to stretch her short little legs for a bit before grabbing a taxi to home. I went back inside the train station to get a bottle of water and she just cried and cried to see me walking away!! But she was very happy to see me when I came back out.

She's really settled in with us even though it's only been a few hours. Took a nice long walk downtown tonight and she absolutely loved it.

Here she is!
Marlena at the end of her rope