Monday, July 21, 2008

Poor Marlena!

Oh my sweet baby!!

She went to the doctor today to start the heart worm treatment. They did the chest x-ray first and she behaved very well, of course.

Then they shooed me away for a few hours and administered the first of three heart worm shots. From 10:00 AM - 1:30 PM, they kept her for observation.

Apparently she wiggled when they injected her so she is very swollen at the injection site. They said she behaved very well and didn't make a sound but omg . . . when I picked her up she wouldn't even make eye contact with me and she was drooling (vet said it was from stress).

She is so miserable and sore and I feel horrible Frown

They told me to keep an eye on her - watch for coughing, seizures, extreme swelling of the injection site, vomiting. If she is still very sore after a week, call them. She'll go back in a month for the final two shots.

In the meantime she is not to get excited at all. Apparently once the heart worm poison begins to work, as the adult heart worms die off, they can dislodge from the heart and get into the lungs and that can kill her.

She's to be kept calm and confined and only short necessary (bathroom) walks, for a whole month. I'm so glad we have her stroller!

I just feel so bad that my baby girl is unhappy and in pain and there isn't much I can do about it.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Some Photos

Just a few things I've photographed lately.

Who wants to go out and play?!?!

The chest that me and Snuffles found in the trash pile!

Close up of some of the art on the doors:

Marlena's Styling Ride:

Daily Life

So, you wonder, what IS it like to live in Korea? What kind of things do you do daily that are different from living in the States?

Glad you asked!!

Let's start with trash. No Hefty or Glad bags here in Songtan. There are two types of trash bags to purchase: the large white ones and the small red ones. The large white ones are sorted and used for regular trash, aluminum, tin, glass and plastic. Don't mix them! Songtan recycles!

The small red bags are for food waste. All food waste. No dumping that last piece of pizza into the white trash bag - it all goes into the small red bags.

Trash pick up is easy. There is none! Well, at least not door to door. There are areas in each dong (remember that word? Yes, it means neighborhood! Good memory!) where you take the trash bags. Sunday through Friday nights, between 9:00 PM and 4:00 AM. The local trash spot for us is just around the corner so it is very convenient. And it is far enough not to be a problem of trash or smell just outside of our own house!

To further cut down on bugs and critters in the house, I wash out all the containers before they go into the white bags and I store the red bags in the refrigerator until they are taken outside.

So that is how we deal with garbage here in Songtan, Pyeongtaek, South Korea!!

More tomorrow on plumbing!