Friday, July 18, 2008

Just for Bella

Having been chastised thoroughly for not blogging often enough by Bella, I decided to pop in today!

Rainy day here in Korea which is nice for Snuffles and I but not so nice for Marlena. She absolutely despises, loathes and abhors rain. Getting her to go potty is frustrating on a day like today.

We had big plans to clean out the shed so we can paint it but the rain makes it difficult as we have to move the chest and some shelving out of there first, and we don't want them to get all wet.

Also thanks to the rain, the kitties in the attic are having a fun romping indoor day today. Sounds like a party up there!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I've been neglectful in posting

Mea culpa!!

I've been keeping busy and really not a whole lot of interesting things going on. Well at least not to me.

First of all, Marlena. Such a sweet sweet girl!! I got her into the vet's on base last Friday and found out that she is "very positive" for heart worm. Problem is right now the current vet is outprocessing and they are awaiting the new vet's arrival. We were told to keep her quiet and calm and no more walks until she is all better.

Poor girl! She loves her walks. She absolutely adores going down town, tail wagging the whole time.

The good news is that yesterday the vet assistant called me and we are all set up to take her in on Monday for a chest xray and to begin the treatment. We want her to have the xray first to determine the severity of damage. We are willing to do whatever it takes to make her well but if her disease is too far advanced and the treatments will do no good, we don't want to put her through the whole ordeal.

And how loved is this little girl? OMG spoiled ROTTEN!! I went out for about three hours yesterday walking all over Songtan looking for a particular pet store to buy her a . . . stroller. Yes, you read that right!! I paid 80,000 won (about $80) for a doggie stroller so that we can take Marlena out for "walks". And I got her a pearl necklace too (fake pearls; she looks so elegant in them!). She seems to like the stroller - when we return home from an outing she will continue to sit in it for a while. I think she knows that it shows how much we love her.

Other than that, I spent all day Monday waiting for the air conditioner repair guys to come. The a/c unit in our bedroom is supposed to drain outside but instead drains inside. On the nightstand. They finally came late in the afternoon and got it all fixed so that it now works correctly. So nice to go to sleep without hearing drip! drip! drip! right beside our heads.

I met up with an online friend, Katy, that lives just a couple blocks away from me. Very nice girl and she has two of the cutest kittens in the world!

We went dumpster diving last night. Someone discarded a bunch of furniture so we went and snagged a gorgeous (albeit damaged) chest. We are going to use it for storage in the shed but OMG, the incredible beauty of the piece! Each door shows a different scene of outdoor Korea with inlaid wood and I believe ivory!! Not to mention a fabulous border all around the top and around each door made of inlaid mother of pearl. Ultimately, when we no longer need the chest for storage, I will remove the doors and keep them as art. Or sell them for big money on E-bay!! I need to figure out how to determine if it IS ivory on the doors.

It's still fairly warm here and quite humid. Although I am accustomed to being drenched in sweat all the time, I still find it quite annoying. Today, however, is pretty nice. It's been raining all afternoon so the temperature has dropped to about 80 degrees.

We've been making good use of the new gas grill we bought. It sure beats heating up the kitchen.

I'm starting to get antsy for my sewing machine and fabric. I can't imagine how we'll fit everything in here when the rest of our stuff comes but I will be glad to have my "toys" back in my possession.