Wednesday, June 25, 2008

This is IT!!

Picked up my passport this morning and went to the base travel office to get my plane ticket. They put me on a flight leaving Friday morning!!! Less than 48 HOURS!!!

Snuffles secured the love shack for us (the second house) and is all moved in. As of yet, he hasn't received my email letting him know that I will be landing on Saturday afternoon so I am anticipating a gleeful call from him very soon.

So much to do before I go! I got almost all of the utilities canceled today. I loaded up my car one last time with stuff going to my son and drove up to Austin to my parent's house to drop it off.

It was hard saying goodbye and tears were shed. It's difficult when you will no longer be a simple car ride away! I love my mom and dad so much and I feel bad leaving them. I guess I raised them right though and I think they will be okay on their own LOL!!

I won't get a chance to see my son before I go so that is hard too. I am just so grateful for cell phones and instant messaging and email - keeping in communication will be very easy.

So tomorrow is another run around like mad day. I need to drop off the cable box, cancel my cell phone here in the States, and sell Snuffle's car. Going to Carmax for that.

I've got a taxi scheduled to pick me up WAY TOO bright and early Friday morning.

This is really happening! I AM MOVING TO KOREA!!! EEEEEEEEEEK!!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Thanks, Michael! This is cool!!

14 months in the making, 42 countries, thousands of people!

And these are the clips that didn't make it into the video:

Going Down?


I decided to get busy today and get all the remaining dumpster stuff out of the house. About eight loads worth. I took everything down to the first landing. Then I took everything down to the second landing. And then I took it all down to the ground level. I knew I was getting tired and my legs were getting shaky with all the stairs but I got the first seven loads down just fine.

And then the eighth load. Oops. I missed the last three cement stairs and landed on the sidewalk below. It's okay, nothing broken. I'm a little bruised on my left leg and I must have really torqued myself when I fell because my back is radiating a good amount of pain.

I'm stocked up on Aleve and instant heating pads so bring on the night!! We'll see how well I can move in the morning - or if I can move at all!

Other than that, no news. Same old, same old. And believe me, it is getting old. Being in limbo is something I don't care for and I can be patient for only so long.