Friday, November 21, 2008


We spent a day in Insadong, one of our favorite areas of Seoul. Insadong is the art and antiques district and has so much to see!

This photo shows the contrast of Seoul, with the traditional homes and high-rises blending together.

Some grafitti on the bathroom wall!

Another shot of a traditional Korean building, in the heart of Insadong.

This gallery is very nice, and on the very top is one of our favorite restaurants (no photo of the restaurant, sorry!)

This sign for a tea room made us giggle "Sound of Korean Lute Without Chords" - is that like the sound of one hand clapping? How very Zen!

Yes, Starbucks is EVERYWHERE!!

A little bamboo oasis in the heart of Insadong.

This photo below is not in Insadong, but is one street over from our house. I just wanted to show you a typical street in Songtan. Yes, it is a driving street and no, it is not one way! Drivers here tend to be pretty considerate about deciding who gets first dibs at going down the street.

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